You NEED to Know These Pickleball Rules in 2024 (4 NEW ONES)

You NEED to Know These Pickleball Rules in 2024 (4 NEW ONES)

Whether you’ve been playing pickleball for years or just getting started, we all need to stay up to date on the rules. Today’s article will break down four new pickleball rules in 2024…

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Stopping the rally

Rule 4.B.9.A stated “if the referee or player stops a rally in progress to correctly identify a player/position error, the rally shall be replayed.”

If the returner thinks the server called the score wrong, the returner can stop the point before she hits the return…

Here’s the new rule… Rule 4.B.9.A: “if a player stops a rally and incorrectly identifies a player/position error, it is a fault on the player who stopped the rally.”

If you’re not sure, you should probably play out the full point unless you want to risk giving a free point to the opposing team.

Draping net rule

Rule 2.C.6: When a ball goes over the net and hits a net that is draped on the ground (except on a serve) but only if the referee determined that the ball was affected by the draped net.

Before it was only a redo if the ball hit the metal beam… Now if the ball hits the metal beam or the net affects the ball in any way (due to draping net, wind, etc.), this will constitute a replay.

Carries and double hits

Prior to 2024, unintentional carries were ok… 

Now in 2024, all carries are illegal… regardless if it is intentional or unintentional.

A carry is when you catch the ball on your paddle and then you fling it towards you opponent.

A double hit is when your paddle hits the ball twice. Double hits are legal… intentional or not. 

It’s said that double hits don’t offer an advantage but I am excited to see how players get creative with intentional double hits… I think they will soon need to update this rule and make double hits illegal. 

Cracked balls

Rule 11.E states if any player suspects the ball is or becomes broken, cracked, degraded, or soft after the serve, play must continue until the end of the rally.

If the cracked ball did affect the result of the point, replay the point.

This is a fair judgment call between the two teams… if there is a ref involved, they can take care of it.

This content was from one of our favorite youtuber’s, Connor Hance from Enhance Pickleball.

Check out the full video for visual breakdowns and a few more bonus rules/tips we didn’t include in this article.

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